Why Magento is the best option for E-commerce Website development?

A Maximum number of companies uses Magento to empower their business. It is one of the most powerful platforms for e-commerce web development. Magento is an e-commerce platform built with open source technology and written in PHP. The software is originally developed by Varian Inc. which is a US private company headquartered in Culver City, California. Basically, it is a powerful e-commerce platform to develop and run an e-commerce site easily without any barriers. It is mostly used for shopping and business websites.

The popularity of Magento

The community of Magento is rapidly growing due to its trustworthiness by millions of business users. There are more than 500,000 Magento downloads by 2015. Approx. 13% of all the websites use Magento as a content management system. The table given below shows the rank statistics of those countries that are mostly oriented on Magento development websites.

magento ranking

Magento’s Key e-commerce features

User Dashboards
Inventory management
Advanced shipping and supplier management
Allows bundling of products
Built-in-cross sell and up-sell capabilities
CMS option

If you want to establish your own e-commerce business, that means you have to build plans to manage a lot of things. To set up an e-commerce website is a tough row to hoe if your foundation is not strong.

In the present time, business owners look for the best platform for their e-commerce website development, and Magento is the supreme solution to fulfil their needs.

Why choose Magento for eCommerce website development?

Although, there are varied platforms available for developing an e-commerce website. Amongst all of those, Magento is a really popular e-commerce platform which offers marketing and promotional tools. It is focused on mobile commerce, offering responsible designs. More than 200,000 online stores run on Magento. Ford, Samsung, are the few examples. It is the topmost and most used e-commerce platform. It has a market share of 31%. This simply shows an immense growth and importance of the e-commerce websites these days. If you still have a confusion regarding the popularity of Magento and growth then for your sake we have compiled a list of considerable benefits of choosing Magento for your eCommerce website development.

magentp use

Check it out:

Magento is open source: It is an open source platform, anyone can download the Magento and start developing their own e-commerce, no need to pay anything. For this, one needs to go to the magneto official website and create one free account. Magento has three editions:

Magento community edition (Open source/free):
Magento Enterprise Edition (Premium/paid)
Magento Go (paid and hosted on Magento server only)

Freedom to choose to host services: Shopify and Volusion are the platforms that allow freedom to choose the hosting services. Similarly, Magento also allows you to pick hosting service of your own choice in a cost effective manner.

Free: Magento is an open source platform that’s why it has a lot of features that are completely free of cost. Developers also like Magneto because of its uniqueness and distinct of extensions.

SEO Edge: It has an amazing feature like “Magento SEO”. Magento SEO also solves multiple issues by facilitating this unique feature. By using this feature, the e-commerce site is fully optimized. The Magento SEO manages the duplicate content, page traffic, indexing, etc. and properly manages the landing pages also.

Marketing tools: Magento is a platform that provides amazeballs marketing tools to promote your e-commerce business. It has numerous unique options such as flexible Coupons, private sales, multi-tier pricing, landing pages tools for campaigns etc.

Highly scalable: It is written in PHP, so it is very easy to add new features according to your project need with high scalability.

Mobile friendly: Magento is mobile friendly as the mobile apps of Magento allow store integration across multiple devices to work efficiently on smartphones, notebooks etc.

Easy to integrate third-party apps: Magento has an extensible API which allows you to connect with any kind of plugin or an app of your choice. So, find the app of your choice and plug it into your Magento site.

Fast: Most of the web users expect a site to load under 2 seconds. If the time exceeds than that, they simply close the tab and move on with their lives. If any customer leaves without buying from your site, that will leads to decrement in your overall conversion rates.

Developers friendly: The developers of Magento finds it easy and friendly to add pages and updates content to the website. In Magento, the linking and navigation of pages also become very easy, and these features save sufficient amount of time of developers.

Modular and customizable: There are various shapes and sizes of e-commerce businesses. What works for a fashion retailer may not work for a hardware and power tool seller. Thus, sizes and other important factors pose different challenges in the e-commerce environment. Hence, Magento an open source platform provides highly customizable and modular platform.

Bottom line

Hopefully, the above-given benefits surely mitigate all your doubts regarding selecting Magento for developing an astonishing e-commerce website.There are various platforms for developing an e-commerce website. You can choose as per your needs and work process indeed. But, if you want to develop an e-commerce website that can speed up your website growth and profits then for that you should choose Magento, as it provides considerable results in a minimum span of time.

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