Hidden Snake Easter Egg Game Inside uTorrent Android Application

Hello Friends, did you know there is hidden Snake Easter Egg game inside uTorrent android application which will allow you to play old and classic “Snake” game while downloading a file. Yes, you are right that old classic Nokia Snake arcade game popular in the late 90s, so don’t just download play the game till the file gets downloaded.

To activate this Easter egg, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the uTorrent android application.
  2.  Shake your android device to start the game.
  3. Touch screen to play.
  4. That’s it. The classic Snake arcade game will get activated.

Hidden Snake Easter Egg Game inside uTorrent

            utorrent-Snake-Easter-Egg-Game-step1          utorrent-Snake-Easter-Egg-Game-step2          utorrent-Snake-Easter-Egg-Game-step3

                              utorrent-Snake-Easter-Egg-Game-step4            utorrent-Snake-Easter-Egg-Game-step5

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